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Your story doesn't begin or end with your illness.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help alleviate caregiver burnout.

ConSoul follows a human-centred approach to help those caring for people with chronic, terminal or elderly illnesses to plan for what's next, connect with family and friends, and narrate their journey.

ConSoul was born from the shared belief that everyone should have access to tools that support their individual health journeys and bring them closer to those who want to support and rally around them. 


We believe that everyone should experience their legacy and know how much they mean to others. 

Our Story

We are Cindy Diogo, Stefanie Kociuba, and Fabio Buritica, co-founders of ConSoul. We all have directly been impacted by a loved one battling a terminal illness and from these experiences we wanted to create a tool that would help bring a greater sense of connection between family and friends looking to support them. 

With 15+ years of experience leading talent acquisition in various tech and media companies, Cindy has intimate experience building startups and is passionate about creating human-centered solutions through the use of technology. She co-created ConSoul in the legacy of her father, who despite being told he wouldn't make it to her wedding beat the odds to walk her down the aisle before losing his battle weeks later to cancer. 


Stefanie is an expert in corporate financial processes and procedures, while also being a seasoned financial services veteran. Stefanie is currently managing risk for one of the top banks in Canada. Her background gives her the ability to develop guidelines that protect a business, as well as their customers. Six months after Stefanie's wedding her husband Jordan was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. This began their two year journey of treatment, appointments, long hospital stays, home nurses and deep conversations. After an arduous battle with Cancer, Jordan passed away peacefully. Stefanie co-created the app because she knows how important the quality of time is when your loved one is diagnosed cancer.


As the founder of 161 Content Studios and co-founder of Hallowed Grounds, Fabio brings more than 10 years of experience in telling stories, through commercial work, branded content and live events. Fabio and Stefanie are childhood best friends. While Jordan, Stefanie’s husband, battled cancer, Fabio tried to be there for them, but with the pandemic, and trying to give space, his ability to interact and help out was limited. This has motivated Stefanie and Fabio to create community based, and storytelling components for ConSoul, so family and friends can be more involved during these journeys. 


Our Partners

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