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Made by Caregivers

For Caregivers

Enhance Employee Wellbeing

In a world where the demands of caregiving can profoundly affect the lives of employees, providing dedicated support isn't just a workplace benefit—it's a commitment to holistic employee wellbeing, fostering a culture that values not only professional contributions but the personal journeys that shape them.


Of caregiving, employees are feeling burnt out and isolated.


Billion of revenue is lost yearly in productivity.


Are leaving the workforce for their caregiving responsiblities.

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Increase Attraction and Retention

Harvard University's recent study demonstrates the tangible return on investment that employers experienced by integrating caregiver wellness platforms into their workplace. This research sheds light on the significant financial burdens employers face, especially in light of studies like Angus Reid's, which indicate the disproportionate impact on women.


As the population ages, the need for effective solutions becomes even more pressing. For instance, replacing an employee can cost employers between 30% to 50% of their annual base salary, highlighting the critical importance of initiatives that prioritize caregiver wellness in the workplace.

DEIB Impact

Recognizing the gendered impact of caregiver responsibilities is vital for fostering workplace inclusivity.

Caregiving, traditionally borne by women, presents unique challenges. These challenges intersect with female employees' career progression.

Share the load of caregiving. Focus on wellness.


Consoul is our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging It empowers underrepresented employees to navigate personal and professional spheres and focus on their well-being.

Working Together

Our distinctive approach combines self help learning and access to resources to tackle burnout directly in one place!


See how using ConSoul can support your employee's wellbeing

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